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New Nike Swift Jersey


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Nike just released a new Swift jersey for the Bloc Quebecois party just after all the Shane Doan BS that they started.


what happened between the BQ and Shane Doan?i never even heard of this incident.

He said a deragotory comment twords a French-Canadien


But the NHL cleared him and then just recently some politicians didn't like him being named captain and they had to drag this issue out when it's done and over with.

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That kind of Political B-S makes me so happy I don't live there anymore... (and if I didn't know we have a few other very good board members who are from my "homeland", I'd go with my own political statement on these !@#@$ clowns)...

Owner of the Rochester Americans of the MLH

Owner of the Toronto Frenchies of the GCFHL6

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