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Louisville Icehawks Concept


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I asked PtND if I could use his logo in a sort of "tribute" to the greatest logo ripoff in ECHL history, the Louisville Ice Hawks. Once he gave me permission, I came up with this concept based off of his logo.

Aside from PtND's logo, I used the Flames numbers and standard block letters.



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Awesome! That about covers it - simple, elegant and a great design.

Well done my man! 9.9 out of 10

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Love it, Geoff. The colors just go nicely together, and like you said how you used the Flames' numbers and letters, the colors remind me of the Flames too, but don't rip them off if you can see what I'm saying. Even though this team's colors remind me of the Flames, it has it's own identity, which is good. On the red jersey, since the inside of the circle is the same color as the rest of the jersey, it sort of looks hollow, not that that's a bad thing, because I like how that jersey and the rest of the uniforms look. Nice job.


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First thing I thought when I saw this was "This is what the Flames would look like if they changed their logo to a bird"

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