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New Concept Series: Argentine American Football #1: River Plate


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EDIT: Man, that was a piss poor concept introduction. The point of this entire thing, just to make it clear, is that in Argentina, all of the major soccer clubs are technically "athletic clubs", which is similar to a gym, or maybe a University sports program. Teams in soccer will also have a volleyball team, and a basketball team, and a field hockey team, etc., many of them sharing design elements. The point of this concept series is to assume each of the clubs started American Football leagues, and what the uniforms would look like. So no, none of the teams in this concept series actually have football teams.

This is just a little side series, to let me play around more in Illustrator, but I'd like to do every team I can find good logo marks for.

First up, is River Plate.

For the home jersey, I went with the classic white with a red sash that River's worn for decades. For the pants, I kept them black like River's shorts, but the white/red/white striping is meant to mimic the main jersey.

And although they do not wear it very often, River also has a striped red away jersey. Currently, it's kind of a mess in soccer, but I figure, for this, I can make it a little more organized.

I think up next will be hated Rivals Boca Jr.


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The home set looks awesome. It wouldn't fly in most leagues but it's be great to see in action. Not too keen on the away though, lack of sleeve striping makes it look like the player is wearing suspenders and a thin tie.

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