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Well I made a previous topic that had just one type of my creations, but I've decided to have all of what I do put in this thread. I've only made a few kinds so far, but there will be many more to come (already have some ideas in my head). I'll do wallpapers and sigs.


Type I (player nicknames)

LeBron James

Karl Malone

David Robinson

Gilbert Arenas

Roger Clemens

Type II (team)

Philadelphia Eagles

San Diego Padres

Boston Celtics

Michigan Wolverines

Type III (rivalry)


Type IV (jersey)

Philadelphia Eagles


Type I (city in backround)

St. Louis Cardinals

Washington Capitals

Type II (mascot in backround)

Detroit Tigers

Minnesota Timberwolves

Clearwater Threshers

Clearwater Threshers (red)

Dallas Stars

I'll take all requests, if ya'll like these.

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Updated with a new kind of sig.


On the sides are retired numbers of the team. I didn't really know what else to put on the sides, because without something they looked empty. C&C.

I'll take all requests for any sport (that's why I covered 4 sports to give you a look-see)

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Okay before I do these (thanks for requesting these and giving me something to do) I have a few questions...

To JBPerry: Do you want all of those teams in one? As in all of that in one of the Type II backround? Or one of each or I dont know. Please clarify. If you do want one of Type II all together I don't know what kind of picture I'd use for a Ranger or Maverick, and if you could find a good picture of a cowboy for me that'd be great (I've looked for one before but couldn't find one)

To Astro: You want one of Type II with all of those pictures in it? Not sure how I'd incorporate the jersey and the hat.

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Alright so 4 backrounds total?

The bigger the better.

Have any ideas for a Maverick or Ranger picture?

EDIT: Do you want players in the wallpaper (to both of you)? Or just logo

for the rangers, just look up the Texas Rangers (not the team, the law enforcement group) For the mavs, just look up texas cattle. p.s. for the mavs, you can put Dirk & Josh Howard, for the rangers: Sammy & Tex, for the cowboys: Romo and for the stars: Mike modano & Turco.


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To Astro: You want one of Type II with all of those pictures in it? Not sure how I'd incorporate the jersey and the hat.

Yes, I'd like Type II. Do whatever you can, maybe watermark the jersey and cap into the blank areas of the real-life shark pic and leave the Threshers logo in the upper right hand corner. Tank your pic, I'm sure anything you can do will look nice.

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There be the Buckies one

And Perry, I should have yours up by tomorrow. Since yours are more complicated I couldn't do them on my laptop (I hate the touchpad) and so I'll do them later on my main computer. Still having trouble with the pictures. I googled texas ranger images but nearly all of them were old western pics, and I'm not sure if you want that or maybe a badge. For the Mavericks I guess I could just use a picture of a cow, but I'm unsure about that because their logo has a horse in it, not cattle.

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Could you do a type one background for THE University of Alabama, but instead of the city could you do the stadium in the background?

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Ok I did the Clearwater one and decided to mix it up a bit with colors (did some research on their color scheme). I don't think it's that good, just looks plain and empty. Any suggestions would be great.


If you could please ditch the cap and baseball and possibly increase the size of the jersey so that it is cropped into the corner, like a zoom in view. If that doesnt work, just as long as the jersey is there is all that I'm looking for, otherwise it's great.

Could you also not squash the pic and make it as wide in proportion to the original:


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Here's the Dallas Stars one.


And Cowboys (you don't know how hard it was for me not to put the dropped FG picture up, since I hate the Cowgirls with a passion)


How about this Astro.


And I guess I'll use this post to premier a new jersey sig.


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