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The New Era new game hats


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I am wondering, I just bought an A's game cap (the new ones for this year), and I noticed the sweatband didn't look cotton. Is that also made of polyester?

And, is it advisable to wash it every once in a blue moon? Has anyone had any sizing issues with it thus far?

Thanks a lot.

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I probably would not advise it even though they are all shrink resistant.

bucfan says he's washed his a few times without any problems. so go for it.

That is freakin' SWEET!

Yeah, you can safely wash it (I reccommend in a sink with warm water and dish soap) and then toss it in the dryer by itself. The material will get a bit tighter, but if you give it a few yanks and wear it for an hour or so it'll stretch back out.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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