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Atlanta Thrashers Concept


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I like the dark blue jersey the best, and I agree that the baby blue doesn't really work for me either. Personally I don't agree with having wording on jerseys, like Buffalo had on their red thirds etc, so I would scrap that, but thats just my opinion.

The brown jersey looks good as well.

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Try Cleaning it up a bit. I agree with you that the baby blue was not the way to go. I like you efforts. I have found that if you scan you work with the zoom tool (this is in paint) and you clean it up it looks alot better you get a lot more credit for you work. I know where you going with this though and I like the direction.

"Cat Eyes" - Josh

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Scrapping baby blue: a step in the right direction.

Symmetrical design: another step in the right direction.

Adding the wording: slight step backward.

Overall: needs some clean-up and fine tuning, but there's more good here than bad.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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