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AFL 2007 Playstation game


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And from the world of shameless self promotion


They're using my graphics of all the old style footy jumpers (throwbacks)

I get a free copy of any of their catalogue of games and an "additional artwork" credit on the box.

This is the Aussie equivalent of Madden Football.

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By the way, if I found a place to purchase this game from would it be compatible with consoles used in the States? Is there a PC version of Aussie Rules?

I don't know if it would because we use the PAL system for TV, and you use NTSC.

However, with digital TV in, I have no idea what a Playstation outputs.

As for a PC version, I am afraid not.

You see, the AFL shares its marketing ideas with the NHL.

If it's a dumb idea, but going to make money once off, at the expense of the future, they'll do it.

So they signed an agreement with Sony to licence to game only for Playstation.

Like kids are going to buy a Playstation just because it's the only place to play the AFL game!

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Just make sure they don't feature any Blues on the cover - you know the EA Sports DOOM....

BTW, didn't Acclaim used to publish a PC version for the AFL?

Do you know what year they stopped? And if they still can be found at pawn shops, or second hand stores?

I'd get one shipped to my wife's Aunt's address and she could ship it next time she sends the kids presents...

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Sadly, the only way I've found to play Aussie Rules is Aussie Rules Footy for the NES using an emulator. WHile it's not terrible (you get 18 generic teams, including the 15 that were there at the time [using Perth for the Eagles] and including Canberra, Dawin, and Hobart -- and random jersey colors), it's nothing close to what this or other games for the PS / PC would be today. I'd still love to get my hands on a PC game. Hell, I've already managed to buy Cricket 07 on Amazon.

Anyway, good on ya, Mero. I guess I have a new claim to fame. ^_^

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