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Hello there everyone, now Chris before you move this off to another board, would you please just leave it here so I can get my last few people and then I'll be out of the way.

Here is a list of the 27/29 people currently in our league.

1) collegefantasy (that's me)

2) Break-Wood

3) Hardman_1

4) the49erfan15


6) Hobogrish

7) aspirateur

8) lawclay

9) Fusebazell & nickggilbert

10) tajmccall

11) thornadott

12) Nitroseed

13) Pgmado

14) joel_fiasco

15) MOHRH7

16) paynomind

17) Whchoclte

18) gbasalmon

19) tarheeltider1988

20) jpslapshot22

21) JacktheRipper626

22) NJTank99

23) Ez Street

24) bosox

25) InTheEnd88

26) The Mad Mac

27) toastNBanana

28) Cuse2002

29) Discriminator

Plus yhollander, who is our press/assistant.

So if you're name is on there than you're a part of the league, if not you can sign up below to let me know you're interested, please leave your e-mail address below.

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Well, it's not going to be a real BCS type system, but we'll have some kind of ranking system to determine what the post season will be like. And we'll have something everyone agrees on for sure.

So we're down to just three, maybe two spots left depending if Mac is interested, but Discrim and Cuse I'm taking you're interested and want to join.

And if Cuse and Discrim, could you please send me an e-mail at brianprice26@hotmail.com or post it here so I can have your e-mail. And to anyone else who wants to join to post their e-mail or e-mail me.

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