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Hockey > Football Crossover I - Philadelphia Flyers

Hockey > Football Crossover II - Phoenix Coyotes

Hockey > Football Crossover III - Pittsburgh Penguins

I've got four versions.

Truest to the actual Coyotes uniforms.


Truest to the actual Coyotes uniforms (without front logo).


Slight tweaks to the schemes.


Addition of black and beige to color scheme.


Tweak on the previous.


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I love it, you should make helmets along with the uniforms. For the helmet you should put the Moon.

Gotta disagree with this.

First off - beautifully done concept, though I agree that the front of a football jersey is not the place to put a giant logo. I'm assuming numbers would go on the chest, like all the other football uniforms out there.

That said, the coyote's head would look perfect on the helmet. A football helmet is generally not the place for secondary logos; since football jerseys are largely occupied by large player numbers on the front and back, a team's identity is best showcased on the helmet. This isn't true in hockey, where the front of the sweater showcases the team's graphic identity most effectively, and you can get away with secondary marks on the helmets. Helmet logos in hockey are much smaller and not as visible as the sweater logo.

Any and all of the striping patterns on the sleeves are great, although I am not crazy about cream/beige/sand stripes on a white uniform, as they're awfully close to each other in color. Move the coyote to the helmet, put some numbers on the front, and take a bow for a nice crossover concept.

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Ok, so I took the logo off the main two jerseys and changed it to numbers. Now everyone wins. I get to see it the way I like (with a chest logo) and others get to see it how they like (with chest numbers.) :) *gives everyone a medal* But seriously, thanks for the comments and suggestions, I appreciate it.

For me version # 1 looks the nest with the dark red pants. Nice work - whats up next. Maybe the Penguins.... :)

Didn't have anything lined up, so sure, they're next. :)
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