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All-Pro Football 2K8


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2K Sports is releasing a football game this fall for XBox 360, PS3 and possibly other consoles. IGN has a video of their team creator, which (when released) should give the members of this board hours upon hours of fun. There's even something extra in there for Paul Lukas.


I think I just wet myself a little; this looks like a much better uniform creator than Madden or maybe even NCAA has ever had.

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no doubt about that, but the king of sports game customization on consoles goes to the Winning Eleven series. WE9 and this year's PES:WE 2007 both have near limitless customization while also providing almost perfect templates so players can mock their team up in look-alikes of adidas, nike, puma, etc. jerseys. it's pretty unfathomable and awesome.

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