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My old school logo modernizations


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There has been a lot of talk about some of those old hand drawn logos, namely Pat the Patriot. Personally, I feel that if they were to be brought back, those logos should be cleaned up and modernized to be used in conjunction with current team logos (i. e. as an alternate) and color schemes. So Ive decided to do a few modernizations of my own. Copy and paste as always

Atlanta Braves "Chief Nokohoma"

San Francisco 49ers "shooting prospector"

New England Patriots "Pat the Patriot"

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how did this get bumped up from the archives?  :D

the truth is that I didnt remove the images. I changed the file names and since this was an old topic I didnt bother editing the links. However since there has been a renewed interest in this topic I fixed them, so now they should work as long as you cut and paste!

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