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Some college remakes


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I haven't posted in a while, well, really since the whole high school logo stuff with umlegend, (school work, getting my portfolio ready, and re-doing my site) but anyways, here are a couple of college logos i have been messing with. Comments and critiques are welcome.

Here is the Maryland Terrapins: (no wordmark yet)


and here are the Tennessee Volunteers:


by the way, I am terrible at doing wordmarks :(

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Whoa!? I know what the terp is supposed to look like, but that just doesn't cut it.  Incorporating the "M" is cool, but the whole turtle thing doesnt really look like a turtle.  sorry, just my first reaction.  As far as the vol goes, the concept is cool, but i think it would look better without all the black.  try using more white and changing the "volunteers" font to something like the "tenn." font.  Also, the face concept sort of resembles the UTEP miners alt., but with some tweaking will be pretty much original.  Maybe taking hte head and framing it by itself would make a good alt.  Hope this helps.
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I'm not mad atcha. These logos are not as offensive as the above posts would lead you to believe. I see that the MD logo is just the head of the turtle. I dig the attempt and the idea. I think turtle heads are kinda gross, they look like cold pool penis to me.

The Volunteers logo is nice. I like the black, even if traditionalists would shy away form it. The wordmark is a good look. The text being a little fuzzy- is that the font, or a graphics program limitation?

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