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Phantoms flashback night


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Anyone catch this? The Phantoms wore the old school 67 Flyers jerseys in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Spectrum when the Flyers won 1-0 against Pittsburgh. They lost 6-3 to Providence, but man, seeing them play in those jerseys gives me chills.

Also interesting to note: the jerseys weren't rbk edge (hallelujah!).






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Yeah that is Boucher's goalie from a long time ago.


I have great memories of that save against Elias against New Jersey on his back.

So what, do goalies save all of the masks they wear for every team they play? Or was Boucher keeping the Flyers one as a momento of his first team? Or maybe he had a crystal ball and saw himself coming back here? I wonder if he's kept it clean all these years. Imagine how it'd be for journeyman goaltenders, if there's a such thing. If there were, they'd probably be wearing a white mask permanently.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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