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A Bronco logo I've been working on


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In drawing this past semester, I sketched out a horse in a stylistic fashion for my final project (it's a rather large pencil/charcoal drawing now) that turned out like this:


I decided to take it from my sketchbook into Illustrator and mess around with it, since I figured it would make a decent logo. The end result is currently this:


I'm not sure it's finished. In fact, I know it could use a few tweaks. Help is greatly appreciated as a lot of work has gone into this, from my final art project to the vectorized version. I'd like to get the best I can out of it. Thanks to anyone who helps.

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1. The drawing looks like it's in profile, but the vector looks like it's trying to be a 3/4 rendering. It looks better in profile, so lose the second eye and other side of the snout. 2. A horse has a very defined cheek and chin (see Denver Broncos logo) and this drawing simply looks incomplete and amateurish without that facial definition. 3. The outer part of the mane is too complex for a logo. You want to put as little in there as you can that will still tell a viewer that it's a mane, like the Broncos logo.

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