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5 Hoops Concepts


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Old School Bucks colors with new school script


Not a drastic Change for da bulls


Even I don't like the 3rd Jersey


I know you all like the nautical flags, anyway


Too much slant?


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They all need some work except the Bucks I think that one came out real good I walwys liked their old color scheme.

The Bulls script is too small,

The Cavs are ok but I dont like the color, the one they have is much better,

The Clippers home looks good, they wore something similar in teh mid 80s but the script on the road looks to haggard.

Golden State dose not look good on the home jersey and its too slanted on the road. If you fix the road and add teh Lighting like on tehir real jersys you will have something good.

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I like your Bucks one well enough. I think they should revisit that color scheme as a possible alternative to the purple menace. If they did it like Dallas did, in a more reserved modern way, it could be awesome. But their current scheme has to go entirely. Not just the colors.

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while i've said in teh past that the bucks don't need new colors, i'm not opposed to a change in any way. taht said, not a big fan of the bucks one here. well, not really high on any of these except the cleveland primaries.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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