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Nhl 2004


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NHL 2004. I'm not sure how well it is for X-Box and Gamecube, but in my opinon, it sucks. I'm not trying to complain or anything, I just wanted to get this off of my chest. Here's a list of things that spoil a possible good game:

Cheap goals: They shot, it bounces off of my goalie's black on rolls down his back (The only way they can score.)

Crappy passes: I'm in the corner, and instead of passing it to the front of the net, it automatically passes it to the goalie.

Scoring: Over 75 players had more than 100 points including 104 goals from Sergei Federov.

How does Kovalchuk get 6 pts in one game when his team lost 4-1?: Yeah this is why theres so many over-100 pt seasons.

Unrealistic fighting: I had Domi and Brashear on my team, and they both lost fights to Joe Corvo (Whoever the hell that is)

Bad Simulation: I was the Av's (exact 2003/04 roster) and placed 11th in the Western Confrence??? Believe, in this game, chemistry doesn't matter when t worked for the #1 seed Rangers.

Unrealistic Attributes: Mark Messier outskates Martin St. Louis. 'Nuff said.

So do you guys like this game or no. I tried to contact EA Sports about this, but in over 5 months, they haven't responded.

Remember, I'm not trying to cry or anything and I don't wanna start and fights.

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I've only played the PC version...

I liked the game, I noticed my AI teammates were idiots at times, but other than that I liked the pinning of players on the boards, that was a nice new feature.

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ps2 guy, i hated nhl 99. i hated nhl 2000. i hated nhl 2001. i hated nhl 2002...you'd figure you know where i'm getting at, except that i didn't get it last year (got faceoff 03 instead, loved that). haven't gotten 2004 yet and likely won't cus i'm still burned from the time i wasted with 99 through 2002. what i will say is that Hitz Pro is possibly the best hockey game out there this year...the goalies...they're beautiful. just beautiful.

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