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BigMike's NFL Concepts!


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Hey, well this is my next big concept series, hope this goes alot better than my ncaa ones. I must say tho, I have matured alot since then and after being here a while I can take C&C. So I decided to give my take on the NFL all concepts will be posted under this thread, I must say this presentation is a lot better. It includes Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Wordmark, Jersey Numbers/Wordmark, Helmet, and all Jersey combinations. I may still be stuck in my NCAA ideas so any C&C with how to make these better is greatly GREATLY Appreciated!!!


Atlanta Falcons

Primary Logo - (description) Alright this is the same logo just tweaked a bit, changed the outline to Red/White on all backgrounds, also added a pupil to the Falcon's eye.

Secondary Logo - The Falcon Logo with the wordmark A added onto it, a moderinzation of this logo.

Wordmark - Only difference is a tall A is added to replace the begining of Atlanta and the second letter of f'a'lcons.

Jersey Wordmark/Numbers - This is basically a zoomed in version of the Jersey Numbers and Chest wordmark, kept the number font the same but gave a new

Jersey wordmark.

Now to the helmets, jersey/pant sets.


Home(Red Tops): Home 1, Home 2

Away(White Tops): Away 1, Away 2

Alternate(Black Tops): Alt. 1, Alt. 2

Carolina Panthers

Primary Logo - Alright, again a few minor tweaks. Added the outline of the jaw on the whole head, again added pupils, and made all the whiskers silver, and gave it silver outline on blue background.

Secondary Logo - It kinda looked awkard to me when I was done with it but I made it just the panther logo.

Wordmark - Overall the same font, but different shadow and face color on the different backgrounds.

Jersey Wordmark/Numbers - A new font for both the numbers and jersey wordmark.


Home: Home 1, Home 2

Away: Away 1, Away 2

Alternate: Alt. 1, Alt. 2

Saints Coming Soon! Enjoy

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Uggh, I forgot to post the helmet, it will be in here in a sec., as well as the panthers.

Don't like the pupil on the primary honestly. Also, the wordmark looks unprofessional with the A just plastered in there. I do like the idea of the secondary though, and it has some potential. Uniforms are also nice

I thought someone might not like the pupil :D, but I threw it in there cuz it kinda looks dead without, so I might keep it. And I was wondering the same thing bou the wordmark, it did look very unusally to me, but I thought it was different and it gives the Secondary logo's A an identity, so same there might change it, might wanne see more feedback before so. But Thanks, like I said I would like to see you all's ideas on it so thanks. Saints will be after the Panthers, which will be up tonite but prolly wont finish the saints for posting tonite.

Thanks for the feedback so far!

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As far as the design goes, great! The blue is different though and is a little too neon-ish for a football uniform in my opinion.

Yeah, I really like thier blue alternates they have now, it was tuff trying to get the color exactly right, but I will try to get the neon-ish outta of it :)

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Some of these look pretty good, but I'm forced to again repeat one of my personal mantras...


Side panels don't really work well either in the real world, they never stay aligned once play begins.

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Alright, I decided I am going to get started on this again but I am changing my presentation, with new templates and everything so, just tune in some, I am going to redo the Falcons and Panthers, but I am not doing these by division, I'll just pick a different team after these two.

There will be a update on the Falcons soon!

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I was thinking about this as I was watching the Panthers lay a giant, steaming ... well, you know ... on the field last night:

SILVER/BLACK/SILVER: Looks like Raiders

SILVER/BLUE/SILVER: Looks like Lions

Therefore, what about Carolina blue helmet/black jersey/Carolina blue pants? That combination doesn't exist elsewhere in the NFL.

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