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Winter Classic Jerseys


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Before we knew what jerseys being worn in the Winter Classic this year were, I decided to make some retro-looking jerseys for the Red Wings and Blackhawks as my first concepts.

The Blackhawks jersey was based off this jersey from the first part of the 1934-1935 season:


The striping on both jerseys is virtually the same, but the red stripes are much thinner. I also added another stripe at the bottom of my concept. I decided to use a different logo for the crest, and make it larger than the original. I also changed the number so it would hopefully stand out more.


For my Detroit concept, it was based very loosely on the Detroit Falcons from the early '30s.


I didn't want any of the yellow from the Cougars, so I just went with the traditional red and white. I also used an old logo from the Detroit Falcons. I'm not quite sure if I like where the arm numbers are on the sleeve, but I think it works.


C & C Please :D

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