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Buick Crosses Over Cars To Sports


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I subscribe to an email notification about new cars. This one I received this AM.

Dear Buick Enthusiast,

The world doesn't need another mid-size sedan, it needs a better one. Introducing the all-new 2005 Buick LaCrosse, a vehicle created to look and feel unlike any other car in its class.

From the paired headlamp pods that cue the graceful lines of its exterior to the seamless flow of its hushed and luxurious cabin, LaCrosse is designed with one goal in mind: To bring you a premium Buick vehicle with finely crafted fit and finish. Powerful. Comfortable. Quiet. Offering a ride that is smooth and supple and handling that is crisp and tight, LaCrosse is much more than a new automobile: it's the next Buick. Get a closer look at this artfully designed and elegantly appointed vehicle today by taking the LaCrosse virtual tour at Buick.com

In addition to the virtual tour, you can also preview the sculpted lines and precision craftsmanship of LaCrosse by following this link to view footage from the Chicago Auto Show of its sensational unveiling. Better yet, be one of the first to own this exciting new vehicle by registering now for a chance to win in the Buick LaCrosse Sweepstakes. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Click here for Official Rules.

The all-new LaCrosse arrives this fall at Buick showrooms everywhere. Click here to sign up for updates about its availability.

Best regards,

The LaCrosse Team

General Motors Corporation

100 Renaissance Center


Detroit, MI 48265

Buick Information Center:


NCFA Sunset Beach Tech - Octopi




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I guess this is an attempt by Buick to drop the median age of their average buyer to something under 62. I mean, seriously, does anyone here know of anyone in their age group (even you Pantone) that has ever bought a Buick new? I was always under the impression that in order to test drive a Buick you had to give the dealer a copy of your drivers license and your AARP card.

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i had an '81 Buick Regal Limited (2-tone green, extra plush velour seats...best car i ever owned)

Ah yes, the early 80's Regal -- the couch on wheels. Those SOB's had some pretty big engines in 'em. I knew a few guys who had Buicks (grandparent hand me downs) in high school and college. You could lose yourself in those seats, even the front ones. I will say one thing for Buicks and teenagers, they did serve at least one purpose pretty well. :devil:

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I will say one thing for Buicks and teenagers, they did serve at least one purpose pretty well.

Really? I may have to look into acquiring one of these for reasons completely unrelated to what you're referring to...


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