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Dutch soccer concept


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Hey all. I was looking around soccer.com, and came across something cool. A logo for The Netherlands, that I've never seen before. That got me wanting to do a concept. first here's the logos. I kept the lion logo, and transferred the windmill logo from the shoe on to paint.


Now what I did the concept for is the kits. I love the Dutch's neon orange kits. So I kept them, and added the "sash" like stripe, like the one from the away kit. I also added more orange to the away kit. enjoy.


So what do you think? C&C please

If you guys like it, I have some sketches for other teams

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i had done something similar a while back

i'm not a fan of the windmill logo being incorporated into the kit, i do like the actual logo tho, its unique.

not a big fan of the random black numbers either. and refering to an above comment, keep the powder blue socks.


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