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Redesigning the Thorold (ON) Golden Eagles (high school sports)


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For this topic, I'm planning on changing and establishing the identity of the sports teams of Thorold Secondary School.

Currently, the sports identity of the school is in shambles. The school's colours are various shades of purple with old gold, athletic gold or plain old yellow trim, and it varies sport-by-sport and team-by-team. I personally don't have a problem with the colour purple, but even people who went to school with me there routinely made fun of our school colours, as well as wondering why purple was our main colour when we were known as the 'Golden' Eagles.

Some teams don't even use gold. For example, the junior boys' basketball team uses are bright purple and white. Even worse is the girls' hockey team, which calls itself the 'Purple Eagles'. The football team is primarily old gold with purple trim (and a really weak number font, I may add). Baseball is black with purple and athletic gold trim. You all get the point by now, I'd imagine...

To combat these problems, I've decided to establish a firm set of colours for the school that will be used consistently throughout this redesign thread.

The school's main colour will be athletic gold, which I feel is better than a metallic gold in that it can be used as a primary colour and stand out. For the secondary colour, I flirted with completely eliminating purple from the colour scheme, but I came to the conclusion that it would takay from the school's history. Instead, I changed the shade to a dark bluish-purple. Trim will be exclusively black and white.


As with the previous thread I did, I will tackle the football, basketball, baseball, hockey, volleyball and soccer teams of the school. Feedback is always welcome!

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So.... this is just a place holder for a future concept? Interesting...

No no, actually the first bit was the wordmark and colours. I was hoping for opinions on them.

The baseball jersey will be up soon if no one objects to the colour scheme.

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navy and black dont go together

You know what, you're right. The purple-y colour wasn't intended to be so close to navy, but it does seem to clash with the black on the concepts. I think I'm going to just eliminate the black from the design. I'm also going to do the same design using a darker, metallic-like gold and post both. They should be up within the hour.

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I would definitely go with the lighter yellow. I think the whole set needs a logo on the cap. Maybe a yellow hat with a purple brim?

Thanks! And pretend the Eagle logo is on the cap, I didn't want to actually put it on due to the massive quality loss that would ahve happened by making it that small. Probably couldn't even tell what it is at that size.

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These would be for the girls' hockey team. I tried to make the gold prominent on both jerseys, but didn't want to use an actual gold jersey for the road (a la the LA Lakers, and formerly the Kings) because I find them to be somewhat tacky. The helmets are unadorned, which I figured would be a cost-saving measure, and both jerseys share socks and plain purple pants.

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