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T-Shirt Concept


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As you know I am a buckeyes fan but I do have a buddy who has walked-on the football team over at penn state. While talk to him this week I said good luck with USC and everything have fun in LA blah blah blah and I told him if PSU won that I'd make him a shirt to commemorate the victory. Well seeing as I had nothing better to do today I created a nice little shirt for him. I'm thinking about adding more such as logos to make it more verifiable as a Penn State shirt but I think people will get the point. I'm also trying to avoid any copyrighting infringements if by offchance I decided to sell them. Now granted these shirts are made for if they win, I am aware that I may jinx them by posting these on here but I do not really care seeing that I am a buckeyes fan. I am rooting for the big 10 however but I really liked this concept and i wanted to show it off.

So these "We Run (insert city here)" shirts are becoming pretty popular in the hip-hop game so I decided to make a play on that. I found the logo that is used in the popular shirts, selected a font that I felt resembled Penn State and threw it all together. I also added a little rose in one of the kid's hand just as a plan on the Rose Bowl Here is my "non copy right infringed front"


Here is the back. This is were I just kind of threw together your everyday championship celebration shirt but I feel like it came out very classy.


Now if I could not have to worry about copy righting and what not I'd definetly use this as the front


If I decide not to sell them I'll probably use the we run sc one and throw a PSU logo on there somewhere. I'll show you when I update it. I'm thinking maybe this could turn into a concept series maybe though. Like if you're team wins a big game in a rivarly city or just wins a big bowl game I could make you're very own "We Run (insert city here)" signature maybe? I don't know what do you guys think?

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First of all, why would you make a shirt with a bunch of boys running with a flower. There are so many connotations that could be made with that. Why not wear that shirt in West Hollywood, you'll get a lot of action if you know what I mean. It just is a bad and I do mean a bad concept. It really looks like a bunch of sissies run from some 8th grade girl trying not to get their butts kicked!

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When I hear 'we run', I take it as meaning running scared, not anything good. It might be popular on the hip-hop scene, but the other 90% of the world is going to think anyone in that shirt is a wimp.

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