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  1. Ha, the Tigers are doing it on the 12th, with Minnesota visiting.
  2. I'd love that too, but unfortunately I think the Bengals own that idea. I just want the Jags to reincorporate gold, and maybe do small spot patterns on the pants and jerseys.
  3. Seconded. The black-C era was one of the worst BFBS offenses I can think of, along with the Miami Heat. How can you use black when your nickname is the Flames or Heat?!?! The Cup era unis not only looked the best, but fit their identity perfectly in terms of color.
  4. With Nike duds coming soon, I'd say the rules may be a little bit looser. Well with Nike coming next season, I hope they make brown pants with strips for the Cleveland Browns. Really?! You're gonna try to Clevejack this?!?
  5. I can't see the images, either. Bummer, everyone sounds like they're amazing.
  6. If you're gonna do this, give us FACTS, not why you THINK the name came to be. Google's a wonderful invention. Right, not like we all couldn't have just Googled all of this in the first place. Why not just introduce the topic with a handful of nicknames you think fit or don't, and then anyone interested can follow suit? We've done this before, but anyway...
  7. Usually, but not always. Not the best picture, but "Diet Coca-Cola" (albeit small) is there on the cans, as well as the bottles. Technically true, but we all know that the tiny wordmark on the side bottom, below the recycling logo isn't what we're talking about. Barely anyone notices that, and what I said holds true when we're talking about the large, main wordmarks.
  8. I'm getting a kick out of everyone who's so vehemently resisting the bottom line of just reading the farking can. It's not an 800 page tome, it's a couple of words. It's almost literally effortless. I'm enjoying that people are so helpless about something so mind-numbingly simple as picking out the right pop.
  9. To be fair, Maddux was just an "all-star" when he left Chicago. Pujols is leaving St. Louis already a "first-ballot hall of famer". Right, Pujols played in St. Louis nearly double the time Maddux was first a Cub. But hell, I even completely forgot Maddux went back to Chicago, or had his stints in SD & LA. I'm only a casual baseball fan anymore, but his Braves legacy is intact with me.
  10. Exactly. Don't blame the consumer here. The powers that be have already implanted in our minds what a Diet drink or Diet Coke is supposed to look like...then they want to switch it up on us? Bah, life is hard, eh? I don't ever buy pop at the stores, but I thought everybody knew that the full name Coca-Cola, coupled with that particular script always meant regular--and that diet used the shortened word Coke, and appeared in print rather than cursive. Doesn't everyone know that? I think that's a more distinctive indicator than can base color.
  11. You're a crummy Nebraska bandwagon fan. I'm a Lions fan, and I'll say the same thing. He's a dirty player, and his delusional lack of accountability for this latest incident is appalling.
  12. This is not true. As someone who watched almost every Tigers game last year, I can tell you Verlander affected not only the games he pitched in, but also games he wasn't in. For example, say you are managing a team who has Verlander scheduled to start the next day. You know JV is going to give you at least 8 innings of 1-2 run baseball tomorrow, thus you can afford to use up as much of your bullpen as you want today. The bullpen is also rested and fresh for the game after a Verlander start too. Now flip it around. If your going to play against Verlander tomorrow, it's going to put a lot more urgency on winning today because you know it's going to be alot tougher tomorrow. Also, what does it matter if Justin Verlander plays once every 5 days if he is directly responsible for 20-24 outs in that game. This is a quote from Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe: "Verlander faced 969 batters this season. Jacoby Ellsbury, by way of comparison, had 729 plate appearances. Obviously, a position player faces more of a challenge physically playing every day in the field. But the idea that a starting pitcher contributes so much less that he should be excluded from the ballot is false." On another note, Jim Ingraham from Cleveland was the only voter to leave Verlander off the ballot. Sheldon Ocker of Cleveland had him 8th, and Evan Grant of Dallas Morning News gave first-place vote to Michael Young. Pathetic. Another thing that's often come up in discussing Verlander's value, is how many times he put the Tigers right back on track, after one or more previous losses. In fact, multiple voters seemed to highly regard just that, as stated here.
  13. That's getting tired. Go back to memebase. ...On topic, they'd better at least be getting paid by Twitter for that nonsense.
  14. Don't tell me you'd ever heard of Greg Halman before today, either.