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Boston Red Sox Road Concept


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So two years ago, I did a couple concepts for an MLB redesign (can be found here)

In there was a red sox concept which slightly predicted the upcoming changes.

Well since the new road uniforms have been unveiled, I decided to make a few minor changes to it, to make it work slightly better.


PS. i'm sorry is my spelling/grammar isnt perfect. I just had surgery two days ago and i'm still feeling a tad funny.

Quick update with cap options (for all, not just roads)


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Home and away - the hanging sox should have a navy outline around them to keep them consistent with the rest of the set. No other element (letters, numbers, etc) has a white outline.

Else - the hanging sox should IMO never be used as a cap or primary-jersey logo. Using mascots in these spots is just too minor league. Also, the white vest is just too cliche. I'd drop it from the package. I also think that their custom number font looks bad on jersey fronts.

I do like how all home gear has the same piping treatment, while all road gear has its own piping treatment. I originally thought that all jerseys should share the same piping, but it works the way you did it.

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I don't mind the sock-logo cap, but I think that the sock logo should be on the other sleeve and/or other side of the chest so the they point forward or point towards the middle. Otherwise, it looks like they are running away like cowards. Other than that, I really don't care for the navy aways, Iv'e always thought the Red Sox should be red.

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