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EPL Kits Redesign


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19/20 Everton

I made my concept similar to the Houston Dynamo kits a few years ago. I added a sublimated castle like the one in the crest onto the jersey. I changed the yellow from the crest into a golden colour, not some faded yellow. The away is sort of based off the current away. Then the bottom one is a yellow jersey with a random design.


Brb, gonna work on Stoke City.

I'm loving that sublimated castle, man.


koizim said:
And...and ya know what we gotta do? We gotta go kick him in da penis. He'll be injured. Injured bad.

COYS and Go Sox

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20/20 Stoke City

Alrighty, last one. The stripes are based on the ones in the crest. Then the clash is a blue version of the home, without stripes. Switched to puma from Le Coq Sportif.


Alrighty, that's all I guess.

Gonna work on the Alaska Project, then learn inkscape!

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I don't get the away kits for West Brom. They just look weird. Sure the colors come from the badge, but as the colors represent a branch and a leaf, I don't see a need to use them in the actual kit. The home ones are good though.

Well this is there logo, so brown and green would make since.

Except that it doesn't always quite work like that on soccer. I just don't think brown and green would really fit well together on a soccer kit.

Good job on Everton, but Stoke City have traditionally worn white shorts.


2011/12 WFL Champions

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