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EPL Kits Redesign


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1/20: Bolton

Hey everyone. Recently, I've picked up on watching lots, and lots of soccer. 2-3 games a weekend. So over the last few weeks, I've noticed how I don't like some kits. Such as kits that are random colours, when the teams logo is a completly different set of colours. Such as ManU's blue alternate, or Bolton's green jersey. Sepaking of Bolton, they're my first concept. I remember how I really liked Gordie's Colours of Football posters. The Bolton one was white with a red, and blue stripe going down the side. I kept that basic idea. Sort of how the US kits looked a few years back(or do they still wear them?). So without further (Freddie) Adu here's my Bolton set.


I added some striping, but kept the same effect with 2 different coloured stripes.

For reference: Home, Away

I forgot to mention, I made dark jerseys home, and light jerseys away. I also will update some of the logos once I get there.

I have my Manchester United set, I'll post tomorrow, if I get some good responses.

C&C please



Aston Villa






Hull City


Manchester City

Manchester United




Stoke City




West Ham


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It's alright for your first soccer concept. I think I'd like it more if the stripes were thicker. And I guess you're new to soccer, but having different colored kits as clash kits is one of the many traditions of soccer uniforms. It's engraved into many teams' history, such as Arsenal wearing yellow jerseys


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Nuts: This is just my first concept in a while, and I knew about the Clash kits. I think some are good, like Chelsea's highlighter ones. I just wanted to change some.

2/20: Manchester United

I'm with most when it comes to ManU's red jersey, I love them. So I kept that relatively the same. The only noticeable change is I made the stripes on the front. The white jersey, I changed the blue pants with red. The alternate, like I said I don't like the current blue jerseys. I made an all black set. I thought it looked pretty good. What do you think?


For reference: Home, Away, Alternate

C&C please. For ManU's, and Bolton's.

Who should be next? Open to suggestions.

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3/20: Portsmouth

Portsmouth currently has a very modern looking kit. I made an entirely new one, while toning it down, slightly. My design is somewhat based off many College Football uniforms, like Mizzou's. So the piping on the front continues onto the back. I put pinstripes on the back, then couldnt decide where to stop the lines, so I rounded it off (see bottom corners of the fronts). The white jerseys are pretty much the same, but with the front part coloured white. Not much else to say about this, enjoy.


For reference: Home, Away, Third

C&C for all of these please. Requests?

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Let me give you some C&C for the United kits, as I'm a big United-supporter.

Home: Nothing really new there. Kept the stripes on the front, ralley stripe on the back, same shorts and same socks. Nothing to comment on here.

Away: I'm sorry but I really dislike this attempt. First of all, the red shorts don't work for the Red Devils. The blue AIG logo looks weird since the color scheme is white-red-black, although they'll wear a different sponsor from next season. The thin black line on the back is hard to seperate from the red one. Try to make it white. Make the sponsor black or, if you stay with red shorts, make it red. The stripe at the end should be white though.

There's a new color on the socks which is wine-red. Why?

Alt: This one's pretty solid but same problem as with the home: it's almost the same as what they already wore.

All in all, you should lose the rallye-stripe design, as it is worn since 2 seasons now. They'll definitely not be wearing it next season.

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C&C on these please.

Also open to requests, I had an idea for Manchester City, so if no one says anything, they'll be next.

Also KaTo, the top of the socks are darker, because that's just how I coloured the template. See the Bolton white socks to see what I mean.

If I don't get good responses on some, I'll retry them at the end.

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Word association game!

Yankees is to Mets, as ManU is to...

4/10 Manchester City

(2nd city team)

So with this concept, it started out as a random sketch on my Bio notes. Then It sort of evolved into the Houston Dynamo jersey, with a twist. I used the colours on the logo(don't they use light blue and navy?). Oh, and also, the pants are based off patsox's Atlanta Hawks concept.

Enjoy, if you must.


For Comparison: Home, Away, Alternate

C&C plz. Wow, I'm bored.

And wbachmann, the Canterbury logo is on the Pompey set...

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And wbachmann, the Canterbury logo is on the Pompey set...

I saw that, but you aren't recreating their current kit, you're creating a concept. Include all of the piping, striping, and panels that you wish. I'm just suggesting a return to red socks.

My comment about Canterbury was just to note that this was a very recent break from tradition that only began with the first Canterbury kit.


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Some pretty decent concepts so far, but the white away shirts are really starting to annoy me. This isn't hockey, football away kits have always had more tradition behind them and are hardly ever simply a white version of the home kit. The worst one so far in your series is Bolton, as you have changed the primary colour of their identity, and while the other teams look ok in the white shirts you have given them, if you keep going with this series you'll soon come up against some teams that demand certain colours.

Part of the great tradition of football kits is the odd idiosyncrasy here and there, so if you're going to do football concepts embrace this fact and don't standardise the look of a league.

ps. Do Liverpool next!

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Nice work, man.

Any chance you might share that template?


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