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Kentucky Loses!

See Red

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i had kentucky in the finals losing to u-conn....i also had stanford in the final four...............bah!

That's impossible -- Stanford and UConn are both in the Phoenix bracket, so Stanford couldn't be a Final Four team if UConn is in the title game. B)

my bad....i had kentucky, wake forest, duke and u-conn in the final four......i had stanford losing to u-conn in the elite 8

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I was at the game yesterday. There was one small section of UAB fans the rest was kentucky fans. Man were they pissed, I don't know if you've seen thousands of old redneck kentuckians who are so mad they can't speak, but it is hilarious.

I was sitting in a section completely surrounded by kentucky people and me and my friend were cheering for UAB. It was awesome.

The loss wasn't that big a hit to my bracket because I had them losing in the next round anyway.

My final four is still in it and so is my elite eight.

My final four is OSU, GTech, Duke , and I have Uconn winning it all



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