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Arizona Cardinals Concept


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Hey, welcome, cool to see you're trying your hand at designing.

The link you've provided links to your Angelfire webshell. The thing is, we need the link to your graphics file... meaning that we need the

http://angelfire.com/...your site's unique location.../...the folder your image is in.../the image's name.gif/jpg/bmp (whatever file type yours is, but for reasons of download times, gif's or jpg's are much preferred over bmp's)


I look forward to seeing your work! Hopefully this will help.

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Still doesn't work. Are you sure you uploaded the images? Remember, once you have filled in where you are uploading the image from, you have to press the Upload button. If so, are you sure it isn't in a folder? Or have you got the image name right?

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I know a lot of people probably won't like it, but I like the used ivory coloring on the helmet and pants although with the white jersey, that doesn't seem to work so well.

Nice concepts, and good execution in paint as well!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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