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Los Angeles Kings Concept


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Alright, well, here goes. First concept in a while. Anyway, here's my concept for an alternate jersey for the Los Angeles Kings. My main emphasis was to bring back the early 90's glory days and to start thinking "outside of the box". This concept has a little taste of Discrimihater, so to speak. As you can see, it's similar to the Penguins 90's alternate that eventually become their road jersey, as far as the wrap around logo. This concept is always something I've wanted to do with the Kings and I was finally able to complete it. However, I was pretty stuck on the arm numbers. I wasn't sure whether to put them inside or outside of the stripe. Anyway, I've presented ideas for your (hopefully) viewing pleasure, so let me know which one you think is better:

Concept A (with numbers inside the stripe)


Concept B (with numbers outside the stripe)


C&C welcome as always! Hopefully, this is the first of many concepts to come....

On 4/10/2017 at 3:05 PM, Rollins Man said:

what the hell is ccslc?



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I like this. The wraparound logo is a neat idea and I think it would work. The only thing is I would probably rather have their current color scheme with this, but you said it was supposed to be like the 90's so that's okay. I say that the bottom jersey looks best with the numbers above the stripes.


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I like it too. My only C&C is to keep the stripe going all the way around and putting the numbers on top, a la the Canadiens.

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No, no, no. The partial use of a logo and then it just disappears? The random black and white stripe between the grey and the striping disappearing between the numbers, makes it look incomplete. It's not a good look for the Kings or anyone else. The black and silver is boring and I'm tired of it. The black and silver didn't make the Kings better, #99 did. If you were going to do a Kings concept, give me something other than the 90's logo and the 90's color. At least be unique, otherwise you just might as well put Kopi's name and number on a '92 jersey and call that a concept. I don't think it's a good idea to replicate somewhat the look of a team that beat you for a championship, nor the look of another team (Pittsburgh 90's road jersey).



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