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G.S. Mazara 1946 New Logo


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Geez even without all the crap its still worse than their old logo.

I think just updating their old one would have been pretty nice. That seahorse has to be unique, or at least only a handful of sports teams use a seahorse. Embrace that!

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Yeah, in pure design terms this is on par with Pizza-Mets. For once, I like the old, mostly-hand-drawn classic logo better. And that's saying something, because digitizing things and making them clearer and more modern is something I support. When you go far out there (Buffaslug, Dead Admiral), I'm not a fan, but a nice, professional upgrade is generally appreciated by yours truly.

However, reduction for the case of reduction is just bad design. Ditto for the random PS effects. And I second the seahorse movement. That so needs to be there.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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