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Kannapolis Intimidators retro concept


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Alright, so I was looking at the Greensboro Grasshoppers site, and an ad came up for retro night this Saturday vs. the Kannapolis Intimidators. Well the thing that caught my eye was the jersey mock up of what the 'Hoppers would be wearing.


I need to go to ShopGoodwill.com... btw, they're an affiliated with the Marlins

So I was talking to former member TC, and he said the Intimidators should war retro jerseys too. He was thinking the 80s White Sox jerseys, since they ARE affiliated with them. That got me in the mood for a concept.

I made the same jersey, but swapped navy with black, like what the Grasshoppers did.



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I like where you're going here! These were the Sox' duds when my mom watched them when she was about my age!

Just a suggestion: since the Intimidators are named for Dale Earnhardt, shouldn't a retro jersey be the same colors as one of his pre-"Man in Black" paint schemes?

Here are a couple examples:




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