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  1. And it's official...with a unanimous 14-0 vote, the SEC has officially invited Oklahoma and Texas to join. Not sure what all needs to happen before they can officially announce their acceptance, but one thing is for sure; today is the last day of the NCAA as we knew it.
  2. And they're losing their IFL team before it even plays a down...the IFL's Oakland Panthers are moving to San Jose and the SAP Center in 2022. (No word as to whether or not they're going to try and buy the rights to the the San Jose SaberCats identity). So yeah, Oakland has become the place teams go to die...
  3. Anyone who thinks that the "Sox" aren't intimidating...obviously has never had to gather them to be washed for the first time in a long while.
  4. Alas, poor Skating Fridge...you were too good for this world.
  5. Abbotsford identity unveil pushed back to July 14:
  6. Finally, the Boston-Portland affiliation trifecta is complete...the ECHL's Maine Mariners are going to be affiliated with the Bruins. The Mariners had been struggling in attendance pre-pandemic...if this affiliation doesn't save the team, nothing will.
  7. I STILL don't understand how and why the 'Canes-Checks affiliation fell apart...it sounded so perfect in every way.
  8. Whenever I hear "Harlem, Chicago" in a sentence, I immediately think of the infamous Jimmy McPerson essay.
  9. Had heard somewhere that the PLL's operator had said that they could become a city-based league in the near future...if that's the case, which cities would you put their teams in?
  10. Of course, on the chance that they do get in (same odds as somebody winning the lottery WHILE getting hit by lightning), the question would be: "Where would they play?" Don't think there's space anywhere in Manhattan (let alone Harlem) for a new arena, and the Knicks will NOT want to share MSG.
  11. I could've SWORN as a kid that the Hartford Whalers had a shoulder patch on their '90s unis, with a whale's tail standing amidst the water inside a circle.
  12. Brace yourselves...Seattle was the first, but MANY teams in the coming years are going to want to hop on the gravy train and call themselves the Kraken (just as nobody was called the Wild before Minnesota announced it as their name, but afterwards it's become quite a common minor-league name).
  13. Right before getting your clocks cleaned by my Panthers and our mutual rivals the Rebels All jokes aside, that means it is all for the best that the Pack never went with it...
  14. It looks like that Waukesha County (Oconomowoc is their settled destination) group has given up on the Northwoods League and will instead join...the American Association for its inaugural 2022 season. They're branding themselves as a "Lake Country" team, and are holding a name the team contest...I submitted the Wizards (The Wizard of Oz had its world premiere in Oconomowoc on August 12, 1939, and a replica yellow brick road complete with statues of the Oz characters stands downtown).
  15. In that case, why not go with the Coca-Cola Coliseum (only other neighbors are the AHL Marlies)?
  16. MLB has given the Oakland Athletics their blessing to start looking at relocation sites...in other words, if the Howard Terminal Ballpark isn't approved, the A's are leaving the Bay. Las Vegas is many people's clear favorite (though I'm partial to Portland).
  17. For Wisconsin, it would all depend on which team you'd give two slots to. Assuming we gave the Packers the two slots, my picks would be Starr, Aaron, Favre and Giannis.
  18. The question is, how much longer will they remain the IceHogs? (I think they're gonna be the Rockford Blackhawks within two years, three at most)
  19. I'm still bummed that Milwaukee didn't get it...it would've been the PERFECT place to honor Hank Aaron's legacy, plus we DO got the needed hotels (if we didn't, we wouldn't have gotten the 2020 DNC, however bare-bones it ended up being)
  20. I'm still hopeful that we'll see Loyola Chicago move up to the Big East someday...their rivalry with Marquette would be the stuff of legend. In fact, I'm even willing to see the Big East make a trade with The Valley...they can have DePaul.
  21. We finally have a new name for Princeton's Appy League team...say hello to the Whistlepigs! They were originally set to unveil the rebrand on Groundhog Day (a whistlepig is another name for a groundhog or woodchuck), but their trademark faced an objection from the Whistlepig rye whiskey company. Thankfully, since no alcohol (nor alcohol accessories) is sold by the 'Pigs at Hunnicutt Field or anywhere else, they were able to get their brand cleared.
  22. The Cleburne Railroaders (independent American Association) have unveiled their new color scheme and visual identity.
  23. In a crazy twist, turns out the Otterbots' logo isn't even the best otter-related baseball logo to be unveiled today...the Evansville Otters (Frontier League) now unveil their new look.
  24. The singular Elk was what kept me from going all-in for it...the plural Elks I see running away with it.
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