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I have just wrapped up my baseball career for the second time, a sport with which I have enjoyed many a summer afternoons and nights, but I have severe sports withdrawal. My mind is not fixated on the College World Series and the hometown Kansas City Royals have drastically changed their stadium and team beyond my childhood recollection.

The Missouri Mavericks have set up 25 minutes from my home in Missouri, but I will be leaving for Chicago for my final year of school in September. I have no visions of returning to Liberty, Missouri, after graduation however. I played baseball my final year at College of Santa Fe, but I quit midway through the Spring season to focus on studies. Since then, I have found myself greatly missing the team, the stadiums, the uniforms, the travel, the statistics, everything.

I need to find another subject in sport to satisfy my cravings. Baseball for me signified travel, exercise, and art in some respects. What can fill that hole? What has filled that hole for you? When you realized that "your playing days were over" did you look for a new sport immediately? If so, what sport did you choose to fill that void in your life? Or did you gravitate to a greater interest in your job? I am studying for a degree in creative writing, a totally non-physical subject of study that I basically see as work.

I need the playtime, know what I mean? I am still in pretty good shape, but it is waning every day that I don't exert myself. I need a new obsession that can occupy me until September in Chicago. I need a raison de jouer.

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Find a rugby club. I'm in a very similar situation as you (In fact I'm teaching creative writing as a summer job to strengthen my skills) and thats what I did. Rugby is challenging enough, gets you in great shape, gives you the opportunity to travel, and can be played by basically anyone.


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She’s still half convinced “Chris Creamer” is a porn site.)
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Why stop?

Find a rec league or a beer league.

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If you want to keep up stamina...racquetball. Once you and playing parters get good, it's pretty non-stop action. Not as much chasing the ball around as tennis.

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