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Sweet 16 Best Uniform Bracket


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The Chicago Tribune took a page from ESPN and had a uniform battle for the NCAA's Sweet 16. Local art students voted, and Oklahoma State beat Duke in the final. There's a version on the Web that lets others vote:


The graphic, which is similar to the newspaper's layout, can be found at the right of that page, or this address might work directly:


(apologies if this has been posted already... did a search for Tribune and nothing came up. the story ran March 25)

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That's a bunch of hoohah. This is my bracket.

Sweet 16

UAB over Kansas

GA Tech over Nevada

St. Joe's over Wake Forest

OK State over Pitt

Illinois over Duke

Xavier over Texas

Syracuse over Alabama

UConn over Vanderbilt

Elite 8

GA Tech over UAB

OK State over St. Joe's

Illinois over Xavier

UConn over Syracuse

Final 4

GA Tech over OK State

Illinois over UConn


Illinois over GA Tech

OK State's unis are good, but it was outrageous that Illinois was out in the 1st round.


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I guess iu can kinda see this, though I think Kansas and Georgia Tech are both nice and shoulda gotten farther. One thing I've noticed a lot this year are how many teams totally rip others off, like Alabama stealing Stanford's uniforms (then ironically going on to beat them) and Maryland's number font, or Illinois ripping off Syracuse, which seams more apparent now that they've gone to the Orange unis full time. Teams should be more original.

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Nike only has fifteen different templates, Chaz. That's why they're all the same. It's even worse on the women's side. Anywho, here's my bracket...

Sweet 16-

Kansas over UAB

Nevada over GT

Wake Forest over St. Joe's

Pitt over OK St.

Duke over Illinois

Texas over Xavier

Bama over Cuse

UConn over Vandy

Elite 8-

Nevada over Kansas

Pitt over Wake Forest

Texas over Duke

UConn over Bama

Final Four-

Nevada over Pitt

Texas over UConn

Championship Game...

Nevada over Texas

Texas nearly took the crown with the style of striping on the shorts, but you know they'll never win a championship that the casual sports fan cares about (yes, I did remember baseball) :D. Nevada won with their un-Nike unis, awesome color combonation (navy and white), and simplicity (which I think is key to a basketball uni, especially a college uni).


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I voted for Nevada on the website. Not sure that they're my favorites, but I knew they wouldn't get many votes. Turns out it didn't matter:

Which uniform do you like best?


Alabama (48 responses)


Connecticut (123 responses)


Duke (270 responses)


Georgia Tech (52 responses)


Illinois (2467 responses)


Kansas (214 responses)


Nevada (188 responses)


Oklahoma State (244 responses)


Pittsburgh (41 responses)


St. Joe's (60 responses)


Syracuse (332 responses)


Texas (83 responses)


UAB (205 responses)


Vanderbilt (79 responses)


Wake Forest (45 responses)


Xavier (168 responses)

4619 total responses

(Poll results not scientific)

So much for being objective... Illinois fans ran away with this one. Love the "poll results not scientific" note -- no kidding!

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