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Baseball Wallpaper


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The design is clean, clear and different...maybe too different. They just look a little odd in that format. It kind of looks like an army of creepy, smiling baseball players. You should maybe cut down the amount of players and have action shots or something because having them lined up like this is a bit strange. I don't mean to take away from how well you did this. It's really good-looking, just not...good-looking if you know what I mean

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I think I know what you all are talking about. I'm executing them good, but I overloaded it with too many players. Well, I've made 3 extra wallpapers that I hope looks better with less players. Here they are...




I'm still unsure about the Twins' background. I'm just not sure what to use in there. I'd like it to be abstract and "space-looky" to represent that they are the stars of that particular team.


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