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DiscrimiBattle-Manic March Final Four


Who is the champ of champs?  

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I finally reveal my grand plan...as in the NCAA Tournament, there are four. You get into the Final Four, you are remembered forever. And so, we end the inaugural Manic March with a weeklong showdown to see who is the Champion of Champions...all of the concepts that have won so far are facing off for the CreamerWinner's Cup, the official trophy of Manic March!

Voting starts now and I will stop the clock on Saturday night, 9 pm CT. We will then award the CreamerWinner's Cup to the victor :grin:

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with one more day to go, just wanna announce that i have a tiebreaker in hand in case this ends in a tie: i will add the total votes from the previous rounds. if that don't work, we'll just have another poll with a 3-day deadline.

also, i have two directions we can go starting monday for the next battle...either the first ever true rehash, NFL Minors part deux, or an idea i've been floating around for a little while, which would celebrate the start of the baseball season: Negro Leagues

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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