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Another Jays Concept...


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This is only a minor change to what they currently have. I love the new identity, and believe that the look needs only minor changes to look good.

I brought back the all-graphite away jersey. You all may think I'm nuts, but as I have noticed on my new MVP Baseball 2004 game, the graphite looks much better in action than I thought (the game was released before the changes were made).

The script I left untouched, as well as the hats. All I really did was add small striping on the sleeves, added the number on the stomach, & change the colour-combo of the numbers (all of which adds more blue to the uni). I think it looks good, but I don't know if you all would.

Home Uniforms

Away Uniform

No C/P needed.

Just a side note, I don't have their current number font, so I used that font instead. In this concept the number font doesn't change.

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If that home hat was wither blue or black, then it'd be perfect. The jersey itself is perfect though.

The road's should be gray, not graphite. That graphite is a miserable color for a hat or uniform, but other than that, it's good. Great work.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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i disagree, the graphite hats are beauties, and the jays home hat does not have to be Blue because the name blue is in the name. tell that to boston and the chisox. however im not liking the graphite, for the roads, and the grey numbers. i also am not a fan of the black hats but other than that awesome

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Seeing the gray/graphite hats on TV reinforces my opinion that they look like faded/sweat-stained black hats.

I could rant all day against the Blue Jays new identity and it wouldn't change a blessed thing, so I'll save my breath.

Sorry Braden, not a big fan of your concept... nice production work though.

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