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Florida Marlins Logos and Uniforms


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The Florida Marlins have a unique color in their color set, Marlin Blue, or teal. Yet they hardly use it. The Marlins mainly use black and silver, which IMO looks dull and boring, and even worse, like the White Sox. Teal is barely used as an accent color. With this concept, teal is no longer in the shadows of black and silver, but rather the primary color.

Objective of this concept: to combine the Marlins early all-teal look with today's Marlins black and silver look. I want to use teal much more than they currently do, without having it over-run the entire set.


The Marlins current logos are ok. They are cool with the leaping Marlin, but the colors are a bit off. The main focus with the logos was to add more teal, less black, and eliminate any orange. I also wanted to make the logos a little more pleasing to the eye. The primary logo is similar the the current primary logo, only it uses the F/marlin logo in the center. The secondary logo is a teal version of the F/marlin logo. The wordmark has teal as the main color, with black, white, and silver outlines. The last logo is a teal-based M/marlin logo, which is used on the home caps.



The main focus with the uniforms was to intorduce more teal and make a clean design used throughout the set. All of the uniforms feature a new striping desing on the sleeves and pants and the primary logo as a shoulder patch. The home uniform features the teal Marlins script with contrasting black numbers and names. It is worn with a teal cap with a black bill and the M/marlin logo. The road uniform has the teal Florida script and contrasting black names and numbers. It is worn with the black cap with the F/marlin logo.


Alternates to come later.

**Alternates Added**

Summary in post #8


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Thanks to everyone for the feedback so far. Scince the logos seem to be fine, I will now add the alternates.

The first one is teal with the Marlins script and the teal hat. The second one is black with the Marlins script. It can be worn at home or on the road, but the alternte hat is featured with it.


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I forgot to mention about the black alternate, I chose to make the script white so that it would stand out more. I also wanted to get away from the dull black, white, and silver look by adding some teal.

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