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Interesting Phillies logo


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Sorry no pics, but maybe someone has seen it. I remember what it looks like

So I was at Turner Field for the Saturday game for the Braves vs the Phillies. They showed the history of the Phillies before the game. So they got around the Wiz kids-Maroon logo era. Then they showed a logo I've never seen before

What it looked like was a diamond(see Rays), with a script on the bottom corner, that had this script(I think). The middle had Independence Hall. Above that, I think was the P logo from that era.

I actually really liked it. I hope some of you can picture what I saw, and not think I just rambled on like Gary Busey.

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Never seen that one before.

The only diamond logo I know of is this one.


The only Independence Hall logo I know of is this one.


By the way - whiz-kids was 1950, maroon era didn't start until '70s.

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