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Hello. I've been meaning to make a personal football template for a while now. I've been using scottysprings', which is the best one currently available in my opinion. However I wanted to make my own, this one focusing on minimizing colors and representing the uniforms with as much simple geometry as possible. For some reason the black outlines on most templates kind of bug me, mostly because of the reason most people hate unnecessary black piping and such on a uniform; if it isn't in a color scheme it shouldn't be on the jerseys. I know the outlines aren't actually part of the jersey design but they distract a bit from the actual design. In my opinion a template should be as pure a representation of the uniform as possible. So in this template the only colors used are the ones that actually occur in the color schemes.

Here is a generic look at the template:


So it is a very basic representation of a uniform. If you guys are interested I could make it available to the public however it still needs some tuning-up; it's kind of contrived to use and you have to fiddle a bit with strokes and other stuff.

So you can get an idea of how a concept looks on it, here's what I think Virginia Tech should do to right the mess of their current set.


This was inspired by how awful their uniforms looked in the game against Alabama. I just don't get the current set- goofy shoulder/side panel, mismatching piping, etc. So this was just an attempt to give them a unique, modern look that works better than the current mess. Pants are interchangeable.

All C+C, for the template and concept, is welcome.

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Here's another go at it. You are completely right about the over-detailing of the pants... i was trying to emulate the stitching pattern of football pants a bit too closely which is unnecessary on a minimalist template.


However, if you don't mind could you explain how the helmet looks disproportionate? Is it because I forgot to perpective-ize the VT logo in the original concept?

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Your stitches do look like piping. On the front, it's not as obvious, but it appears that you have piping under the nameplates on the back.

On my personal template, those extra seams are done as a dashed line, and I make them a lighter shade of gray. You can still see them, but they don't stand out that much in the design.

I also see a lot of people add arbitrary shapes that don't match up with seams, and it makes it look like color-by-numbers. On most uniforms, the seams do serve a purpose, whether to break up color or show a different material.

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Thanks for the comments.

I understand what you guys are saying... it's not as obvious to me I guess because I made the template and know what it's supposed to represent, but I see where you guys are coming from. So here's two different solutions.

The first is a black outline/stitching... this is what I initially set out not to do, but it looks pretty good I think.


And in this one I toned down the stitching a lot, reducing the stroke width. In a concept any piping would be wider than that so I think it works.


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