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History of Iowa's hawk


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Iowa went back to the ANF sticker above the hawk logo for this past weekends game. I don't know if it was to honor Hayden Fry or if it will stay there all season. The outline of the state of Iowa with ANF was gone from the back of the helmet.

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I love the stories behind the logos. Not a fan of the Tiger Hawk much (especially as a non-native who spent 4 years in the Great State of Iowa), but it's a pretty cool story.

Boy you done been around, ain't you? Now what had you in IA all that time?

Loved the read. Always interesting to find out origins behind certain logos. I can still remember the thread from way back discussing the creation of the Razorback logo. Good stuff.

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Hayden Fry was also behind my alma mater's "Flying Worm" logo when he was coach in the '70s:


That looks like someone's re-coloring of the Washington Federals. Yes, I recognize that it was around before the Federals.

Who would ever have thought Hayden "Scratch where it itches" Fry would have been a logo pioneer? (He didn't create it, but he chose it.)

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