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NHL 3rd Jerseys: Version 2


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Over this past summer, I worked on an NHL 3rd jersey project. I made one alternate jersey for each team. Most of the work was posted here, but not every jersey made it onto this site. Over the past few weeks, I have been working on another 3rd jersey project. It will be one jersey for each team, some of which might be the same as or similar to jerseys from version 1 of my project. All of the jerseys I make are based off of what the teams currently wear, current 3rd jerseys included. If there is a current 3rd jersey that I think the team should keep, I will make something similar to it. I will be posting four jerseys at a time, in alphabetical (by city/state) order. One other note, I am just going to post the jerseys themselves (no special border or anything like usual) for highest quality images.

First four:

Ducks- modified version of an old logo that I made a long time ago on an orange jersey

Thrashers- old logo on navy version of white jersey (I wanted ATL to have two jerseys that match, scince their current home does not)

Bruins- alt. logo on yellow jersey, striping a combination of current home and winter classic

Sabres- modifed version of current 3rd, shoulder patches included





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It's not eerie when you think how simple of a concept it is. I'm not taking anything away from bmac or raysox, but it's a fairly obvious design for the Bruins.

On 4/10/2017 at 3:05 PM, Rollins Man said:

what the hell is ccslc?



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I'm really not feeling the Flames logos on this one. Both the crest and shoulder patches are incredibly weak. Also, the jersey just seems 'empty' in the middle, if you get what I mean. I think you would be better off doing a throwback type uniform, maybe even a throwback to their Atlanta days.



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Positives: The return to green will be a very welcoming sight to many Dallas Stars fans. I also like the use of the string collar.

Negatives: The gold piping around the shoulder is unnecessary in my opinion, however I would be able to live with it. I admire you trying to make a logo for the Stars, however that is a uninspired logo that i would dread to see the Stars wear. Try not to use just the Texas State outline and slap a star on it, but instead try something not so cookie cutter. If it comes down to it, just putting the Stars primary logo will work just fine.



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