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Draw Brawl Challenges 4 and 5 results


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Hey all, very sorry for the huge delay in round 4 results especially. I know the event has lost some steam as of late, but I promise it's not because the judges have lost interest. I know Fraser is loaded with work (who can blame him, the guys a genius) and I'm entering the more rigorous stages of the college application process.

Anyways, sorry I don't have the graphics, but round 4 results!!! Very close race in the 1st tier. This was the South Carolina challenge.

GOLD (1st tier, 5 points) - C, 9erssteve with 55 points!

SILVER (3 points) - B, philroy with 53 points!

BRONZE (1 point) - A, -(dp)- with 36 points!

PLATINUM (Judges choice, 2 points) - E, sparky chewbarky!

RUBY (2nd tier, 5 points) - B, chickenfish13

SAPPHIRE (3 points) - A, CAB

DIAMOND (Judges choice, 2 points) - B, chickenfish13 again!

And the round 5 results (athlete logo)...

A bit of drama here, as sparky chewbarky would have gotten 3rd place with 26 points, but because he failed to complete the tasks asked for in the challenge, he was forced to drop out. A shame.

GOLD (5 points) - B, philroy with 37 points!

SILVER (3 points) - C, Nole42 with 32 points!

BRONZE (1 point) - F, burgundyskins with 15 points!

PLATINUM (2 points) - B, philroy again!

RUBY (5 points) - A, Dodger

SAPPHIRE (3 points) - B, Swampee

DIAMOND (2 points) - A, Dodger

And so, here are the standings through 5 rounds...

Tier 1

1st - philroy (15 points)

2nd - Nole42 (8)

3rd - Steve-O (7)

officeglenn (5)

9erssteve (5)

nyy3351 (4)

OpaqueChicken (3)

-(dp)- (3)

sparkychewbarky (2)

elliot (2)

Conrad (2)

burgundyskins (1)

philroy leapfrogs to the top of Tier 1 with a strong performance in the last couple rounds.

Tier 2

1st - chickenfish13 (12)

2nd - philroy/sergeimakarenkov44/Dodger (7)

3rd - Vicfurth (6)

Heitert (3)

Swampee (3)

CAB (3)

watermelonman (3)

Spotdog (2)

chickenfish13 grabs the top spot from philroy (who else?) with a 7 point performance in round 4.

Looks like we've got a tight race in some places, stay tuned for round 6 while the judges prepare it for y'all. Thanks for participating and your patience!


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