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I don't really have much to say here. I have been working on this logo for a long while, and have slowly been refining it.

I was really hoping to get some GOOD C&C from a design standpoint to help make this better.

There's no city name at this point. The colors are subject to change, hell, even the name could change.




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Its very choppy/pointy around the edges of the fist and therefore the stroke too, and thats throwing it for me. And like CDD said, the wordmark needs an upgrade. But i think with refinements this could be a pretty cool looking logo.

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the thumb looks nice. maybe make the thumb nail thinner (as in move the bottom portion up a little) since i just made a fist and it is difficult to make the thumb bend that way. i think the fingers are just a little too long. not by much though. i dont think you need all that arm below the word either. the veins on the wrist seem to previlent. right now it is very long top to bottom. that font doesnt say rebel to me (well the word does obviously but the font doesnt) a nice looking hand though really and those are just my opinions. its close to being there with a little shading

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Okay putting aside my concerns that creating a sports logo with the clenched fist, which is a very powerful and Iconic image of the Black Civil Rights movement might not be the best idea for a moment, from a rendering standpoint you need to work on your line weights.

Right now you have a thick one round the edge and everything inside is a lighter weight but you can tell it's just a line with a point thickness on it by the way the line ends in a regular cap. Personally I treat the lines inside a design exactly the same way as I do the main shape and actually draw them, sometimes it'll start as a regular line but then I'll outline that stroke to create a vector shape and adjust it to make it flow more naturally with the piece.

Take for example where the palm meets the wrist, you have the thick out line that suddenly becomes the thin inner line with no transition. Imagine if rather than just two regular lines there you had a shape that tapers from the width of the outline to a point where your current line stops. I think that would look far better, and the same technique could be applied to almost all the line work you have.

I'd also look at taking the outer line and instead of having it the same thickness all round, I'd create the blue as a second shape under the yellow one rather than as a stroke around the yellow and I'd then nudge it a few clicks to the right and down so the the line is ever so slightly thinner on one side and thicker on the other as this also helps indicate light and shade and will make the design seem more 3 dimensional.

I have to agree with others the type face is just to plain to be rebellious, I'm not saying go off and choose some grunge font from somewhere that you couldn't possibly recreate in say embroidery, you want to keep the project as true as possible, but at the same time you need to find something with a bit more character than the one you currently have. Look at it separated from the fist, as it would appear at some point if a real piece of work, and there really is nothing about it that says rebel.

Like I said I have some concerns about the choice of icon, but the initial drawing is pretty good, just work on your line weights and it will improve not just this design but all future ones too.


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