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Buccaneers 1976 throwback jerseys


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Maybe I should have asked this question back earlier in the year and to someone that had actually went the the Buccaneer/Packer game this past season but was there really a noticable difference in the shade of orange the team wore that day compared to the shade of orange the team wore in the 80s and 90s ? The team stated in the pre-season press conference when the throwback uniform were announced how painstaking they went to find the correct shade of orange used during the 1976 season compared to later years. I've seen photos in SI and other places that in some shots the orange looked like they had a "Yellowish" tint to the orange and other shots they looked like the old light orange used in later years.

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I thought I had addressed this previously, but maybe not.

Prior to around 1980 or so, all NFL teams matched their logo and uniform colors to physical swatch chips in the official NFL Style Guide. These guides did not use Pantone/PMS colors; they were all custom ink mixes.

I have a 1977 Style Guide sheet for the Bucs - the Orange was slightly lighter in this sheet than what they eventually matched to once Pantone colors were implemented - here is what they eventually matched to:


So, the answer is yes - a little bit lighter.

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