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That's awfully similar to the UT-Chattanooga Train.

Righto. Several reasons:

-As a student at UTC, it obviously was something very simple to "find" and look at.

-I wanted to see if I could recreate that train without Scrappy (the mockingbird), and then once I had that under my belt I was going to proceed with a "real" train.

-There are no plans for anything that I create to be the final logo, as far as I know. We are creating an elite (professional) track and field program, and simply need some mockups as we present our concept to people. Once the ball starts rolling a little bit more, and there's a bit more cashflow, there are intentions to hire a local branding firm to do our gig.

-Obviously the train is already used in Chattanooga, by the University. It's also used by a couple of club-level sports teams (such as the "Choo Choo City Volleyball Club"). However, it's the most iconic symbol of the city (outside of, perhaps, a river, but as much as I've racked my brain to incorporate that into some sort of logo, it's not working for me), and it will likely never appear on a jersey (as the nature of track and field jerseys is to exclude logos and use simply text, most of the time). It would be, for all intents and purposes, a very secondary logo. It would see it's use on letterhead, the website, and maybe team gear, but that is all. Never would it be in use in competition.

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