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Goalie Mask Concept


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The goalie for the Aurora was talking about getting his mask painted, and I threw out an idea. Finally, thanks to the template Steve-O found, I threw that idea into something visible.

My friend's last name is Skeel, and so he's acquired the nickname "Man of Skeel," a Superman takeoff. The mask seems somewhat appropriate, and he loved the idea when I first described it in my head.

Mind you, the artist who ends up doing the mask will probably end up taking this and using it merely as a template, adding much better artistic work to make it look less flat and graphicy.

As always, suggestions, critiques, criticisms, and praise are all welcome. But the puking smiley is so passe'. :P





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But why use an interlaced GIF?

It's not a GIF file, it's a PNG.

It's a better format. Whenever Microsoft gets their act together and supports the alpha transparency features of it correctly, there'll be no reason to use GIF at all. As it is, PNGs are still better. I've been trying to convert over to them for most things, though it still seems so natural to use GIF files, since I've been using them for so long.

More info on PNG format.

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I like it, but what's with the frilly edge around the "S" logo? And is that swoop going to be on both sides of the helmet? It almost looks like a tusk.

The idea was that the swoop would be on both sides, because you'd only really notice it from the side. As for the treatment around the S, it'd probably be better with more of a glowing-light treatment, but I couldn't figure out really how to show that.

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I think it's great. I don't think any artists who takes the job would have to "change" anything, I do think though that when it comes time to actually paint a mask with this design It will make it possible to bring a more 3 Dimensional look to the galvanized steel section of the mask. I hope your friend appreciates your design, cause it it turns into an actual mask it will be killer.

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