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US Soccer Crest Concept


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Sweet design! IMO, I'd darken the red...it's showing up as almost a Rubine Red on my screen.

Nice stitching effect. Is that a filter or self done? (post it?)

FYI all...500th post. 13 years on these boards...it's about time!

"This isn't just the Oregon Ducks, it's Football's Future Turf Soldier War Hero Steel Robot Tech Flex Machine Army." -CS85

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I've always thought it was strange how the stripes at the bottom of the crest were blue instead of red and they still are. But if you changed it then there'd been way too much red I think. So I don't know exactly what to do there.

I'd also suggest maybe making the US letters blue, similar to the field of blue where the stars are on the flag.

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