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  1. It also doesn't help that the thing in the logo looks crown-like, so it could be the logo for (another) RSL feeder team.
  2. My favorite was hearing an announcer last year say something like, "some of the RPO's are actually runs all the way, without a passing option." I couldn't even believe it. I mean, it was an ESPN+ college football game, so I guess that makes it more believable.
  3. They played Andy Reid, which cancels out all other hexes.
  4. Exactly. More and more I think the Eagles' Super Bowl run was both a fluke moment in time, and evidence that the Patriots' deal with the devil requires that they lose to NFC East teams in the Super Bowl. Worst of all, every play now requires announcers to smugly say "R-P-O" to pretend that they know football things. EDIT: Granted I believed that Nick Foles could be really great, and I thought the same about Bortles (my theory about him being bad because of the split helmets didn't pan out), so maybe I'm just some internet guy who doesn't know anything.
  5. Which is exactly why the Big XII booked it this way. A one-loss Oklahoma winning over Baylor gives them a better shot at the playoff than a two-loss Oklahoma. Genius!
  6. In all fairness, with Arkansas State's current uniform pieces, they can never look good. May as well just embrace the suck. EDIT: We're basically the Arizona of the Sun Belt, which is really problematic for my gimmick of loving Arizona State as well. LSU and Ole Miss is a gift from the gods. It's in the conversation for being the best uniform matchup in college football.
  7. There's no guarantee they would even do that. Idaho currently has a losing record since moving down to FCS and they won nine games their final season in FBS. Being a bad FBS still (generally) puts you above the best FCS teams in terms of status. It's a lot like being a bad SEC team vs. being the best Sun Belt or C-USA or even AAC team.
  8. Yeah, which is something I'd been pushing for by yelling at people on the street for years. Maybe the former AD, Conque was one of the people I accosted and felt inspired. Little Rock sounds more like a real team than Arkansas-Little Rock, which sounds like the little brother of an actual team. Similarly, the academic side of the school has moved towards UA Little Rock as the preferred branding over Arkansas-Little Rock or UALR. The statewide newspaper still uses UALR for their athletics teams because they're petty. They acted like it was a space thing once, but then they still use Central Arkansas over UCA, despite it being longer than Little Rock. And one time I read an article which described them as the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Trojans, either in an effort to troll them for preferring Little Rock, or as a ploy by a newspaper writer to hit his word limit. The main sports editor there had a big long column once where he pretended that they still used UALR over Little Rock in "honor" of their old teams that were successful, despite a big part of the examples being dedicated towards the women's basketball coach that is still at Little Rock, and despite the most successful team in Little Rock's men's basketball history occurring after the change (the least successful team ever shortly followed, but this column predated that).
  9. Miami isn't a real team, move them to Tampa and call them the Rowdies already!
  10. Which is hilarious. Kelley always got listed as a potential candidate at Arkansas State by state media when they were hemorrhaging head coaches, but that's because the state media only knows some high school coaches and random people who were assistants at Arkansas. The same thing happens in basketball when Little Rock or Arkansas State have an opening and the only people these people can think of are former equipment managers at Arkansas or something. Realistically, Kelley's style wouldn't work in college. Unless his teams were far more talented that is. Pulaski Academy can recruit, and his teams are more talented 95% of the time when playing teams in their division. Stick him at Arkansas where he's going to have the fifth-best recruits (at best) in the division, and that stuff won't fly anymore. It's one thing to recover five-straight onside kicks against the local white flight town, and another to do that against SEC teams. EDIT: Not only did Ty Storey destroy Arkansas, but the other QB that started for Arkansas (in the North Texas debacle even) Cole Kelley, beat Central Arkansas (who beat Western Kentucky) 34-0. I thought Morris would at least be solid (SMU got better every year), but he was an outright disaster. Rarely has schadenfreude been so satisfying.
  11. I was just trying to remember his name the other day. I was joking with a friend of mine (he's an Arkansas fan) that they should go after Pulaski Academy coach Kevin Kelley. You may remember him as that high school coach that never punts. Anyway, I was trying to remember Dodge's name as an example of high school coaches immediately becoming college head coaches without any coordinator experience. Tony Sanchez at UNLV has also been really bad (zero winning seasons), but he at least has more SEC victories than Chad Morris ever got.
  12. If you follow the college football thread, you'll know that I was a big fan of this weekend's games with my team on bye. Well, after that Chiefs debacle, the same is true for the NFL this week. I love football.
  13. They've pretty much always been hostile towards other state schools. Academically, they fought against Arkansas State becoming a university, and they've fought against other state schools from gaining doctorate programs. It's a power thing and state politics are backwards enough that it's been an uphill battle. The same backwards politics are also what keeps Arkansas playing games in Little Rock despite the university not wanting to, and much of the fanbase not wanting them to. It's essentially the same with athletics. It's a power thing, and paranoia that they'll lose that power. They're certainly not the only school to do its best to avoid in-state matchups (see: Alabama, Michigan, West Virginia, and more), but they've been better at it than anybody else. They stopped playing in-state games back in the 40's I believe, after they lost to Harding, a small private school. Since the policy was enacted, they've avoided playing in-state schools in all sports, even exhibition games vs. D2 or NAIA schools. Their only in-state games have been in postseason tournaments like the NIT game between Arkansas and Arkansas State in the late 80's, or WNIT matchup with A-State in the mid-aughts. With their new AD, the policy has been softened so that they can schedule in-state schools as long as they are in the UA system, because progress too often requires baby steps rather than a leap. Arkansas actually lost to Little Rock in baseball last year, which I think might help facilitate future matchups with the other schools because it exposed all of the old arguments as being bunk. Arkansas still went to the College World Series, while Little Rock wallowed in obscurity, and their recruiting wasn't hurt one bit.
  14. Too bad we may all die from climate change or a nuclear holocaust before getting to find out. Arkansas has loosened up "the policy" to now allow their teams to schedule in-state teams from within the University of Arkansas system (conveniently avoiding Arkansas State and Central Arkansas), so there is that.
  15. Georgia State's been good this year, but I think App's defense will suffocate them. GSU thrives against poor secondaries (see the 52 they scored against both A-State and Troy), but against a team like App, I'd be surprised to see them get into the 30s unless App's offense scores too much. But I have been wrong before about just so many things.
  16. Despite (or maybe because of) my team being on bye, I've truly loved college football today.
  17. And Georgia Southern got whipped by Troy, after GS beat App. Georgia Southern also beat App State last year after the Mountaineers got into the top 25. The very definition of having somebody's number. Though maybe weeknights are cursed since top 25 Sun Belt teams are now 0-3 in those.
  18. You know it isn't. This is just a way for LSU to be forced to play an extra game so Bama will be extra rested. Saban is the ultimate strategist (except when he went for a fake field goal vs. Clemson's normal defense).
  19. It's that Monday Night game between the Chiefs and Rams last year, but all the time.
  20. To make it even better, Western Kentucky lost to Central Arkansas to start off the season, and the QB that destroyed Arkansas today had transferred from them after last season. Even after the embarrassing losses to Colorado State and North Texas last year, Arkansas fans would still randomly talk about how their second-stringers would beat A-State by four scores. I think this loss finally broke them. Give Morris three more years.
  21. I'm not sure he can beat Conference USA teams anymore.
  22. Arkansas is down 35-7 at the half. I love football so much right now. Thinking Morris should probably be fired as he enters the locker room.
  23. I actually attended the national championship game that year. I remember being fascinated by the idea of seeing West Virginia vs. Missouri. Instead, both lost and we got Ohio State vs. LSU. Granted, maybe my trip was more fun because the title game was in New Orleans that year and involved LSU, but seeing two schools who were historically almost good enough get a shot would have been really cool.
  24. I can't believe that anybody had a positive reaction of any sort to that nonsense. Of course, it would be the unironic Soviet-style communist that would think it was anything other than an ill-conceived corporate advertising stunt.