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  1. I literally came here to post this shot. I don't care who hears it, but I like soccer.
  2. Somebody has to stand up for the One True City of Arkansas. I usually avoid I-30 because I've got time, especially these days, so I'll often take the new Broadway bridge into the One True City. Las Vegas can still suck it though. It's America's worst or second-worst city. I forget which one I said it was. I've stacked up too many gimmicks.
  3. Other than the existence of Tom Brady as a sports man, we've really been spoiled with interesting champions in North America lately.
  4. Maybe this says more about my friends and me, but I have a friend that loved Alaska. He ended up moving back to Arkansas because of his wife's family. The way he talked about Alaska sounded like the best though. Again, maybe that says something about the kind of people we are.
  5. All of the people that mattered have left now, so they may as well change.
  6. Well if we're putting forth joke ideas, then I would like to nominate Little Rock, Arkansas. Sure, we don't have a lot of the things that Las Vegas has, but we do have one thing they can never have: water.
  7. Nobody looks less like a coach than the Bucks' coach.
  8. And the Lord's people said, "Amen." Let's do a good basketball! This is a weird time and we deserve weird sport things. We got our "comfort food" from Thomas Brady winning the football plate already.
  9. I LOVE it! Do the dumbest thing possible long enough to let people have nostalgia for it. Wise men plant trees they'll never sit under or whatever that saying is. Just, you know, apply that very good saying to this very stupid thing. Also, I might be thinking that I should have held out longer for picking a favorite MLS team. Maybe I should have held out to go all in on Tennessee pro teams, but also I kind of weirdly hate the Titans (a thing nobody does), so I don't know.
  10. I think there's still a lot of people who want sports talk to be very specific. However, we live in a world in which people not only appreciate off-topic conversation, they actually want it. Podcasting has probably helped that as radio dorks went from having to cut the fun out of their shows for time purposes, to having an avenue in which they can blabber on about whatever. ESPN's NBA coverage is stale and bad. It isn't interesting and it isn't fun. I don't get some knowledge of a team's strategery and I can't enjoy the host's banter. What is there to watch, people talking about petty drama that they made up? That appeals to somebody, but it's not for me.
  11. Inside the NBA has been the gold standard of sports presentation for years. I just think it's almost impossible to replicate. The Bizarro World chemistry of everybody is what sets it apart in most cases. The other being that it's fun. Sports themselves aren't that serious and the Inside the NBA crew treats it as such without it becoming a total mockery. ESPN's best analogue would be College Gameday, which is a weird and wacky show running down stories from college football before the weekend's games begin. They have some interesting and serious stories sometimes, but overall the show is just fun. They have a bunch of people behind them yelling because they're inebriated at 10:30 am and they've got just under 24 hours before they need to get to church to beg forgiveness on Sunday.
  12. I'm sure Suns fans would be depressed knowing their championship was all luck. Just look at Raptors fans, those folks don't even like to acknowledge their title. Rockets fans spend their days woefully recalling that they didn't have to go through prime Jordan for their championships.
  13. Basketball games have always been at risk of dragging at the end (especially at the college level), but some of these reviews are just obnoxious.
  14. I always thought Kawhi wanting to team up with George was weird. I gotta flaunt my correctness in predicting failure because I thought for sure that Trae Young would be a total flop but it turns out I would actually be a bad NBA GM.
  15. I can forgive missing. Not even getting the ball out of your hands though? That's just embarrassing.
  16. If there's one thing I can't possibly care about in sports, it's the concern over the television ratings. I just tuned in to see that free throw choke job and inbounds alley-oop, so as far as I know this is the best game ever.
  17. Sometimes I loathe the sport of basketball. Now is not one of those times.
  18. Part of my likes the idea of the NBA finally getting their wish for an LA-NY finals as the monkey's paw finger curls.
  19. You're good, I'm not gonna try and make you believe that 2 + 2 isn't 4.
  20. Pretty standard stuff really. We had tons of NFL teams using Los Angeles as a threat to get what they wanted locally for a few decades. I vaguely recall the Saints using San Antonio as a potential threat as well. Without LA on the table now we have to settle for weird stuff like Toronto or London now. Or like, St. Louis I guess.
  21. I hadn't even thought of a hypothetical world in which the AAF got through that first season. Even if XFL2 hadn't arrived, it seems unlikely that they would have survived COVID. I wouldn't mind seeing some of the AAF brands revitalized someday, especially the Apollos. Maybe we'll get a long-running spring league before the next generation realizes that football should die.
  22. If it weren't for live sports I wouldn't have cable. So I'm hosed. I remember as a kid watching SportsCenter until it would repeat to watch highlights. The internet has completely changed that though. SportsCenter probably has a purpose for somebody, but for me I just look at highlights whenever I want instead of waiting for SC to cycle back through if I missed something. Even the pregame shows do nothing for me at this point. There's better pregame analysis written somewhere that I can easily read now. Part of this is the internet and part of it is probably just my personal tastes changing.
  23. The XFL and its revival combined for less than two seasons of football. I'm willing to say it could have worked the second time around, but y'know, global pandemic and all that. So maybe not their fault, who knows how that would have worked out. The NASL though? That league died years ago, before the pandemic, having achieved the heights of being roughly as relevant as the USL. Is that a revival done right? More importantly, does the USFL brand have enough cachet to really matter at this point? The league was birthed and killed before I was born and I'm in my 30's. I know about the USFL because I'm a nerd that's read all about it and heard stories from my dad of his time going to Showboats games. I even took all of his USFL pennants and hung them up in my room when I was younger. But is it a name that football fans my age and younger actually care about?
  24. The difference is that the Raiders moved the other times because of stadium issues. They were dissatisfied with the situation in Oakland, then the situation in Los Angeles, and then again in Oakland. In Las Vegas they've finally gotten their fancy new stadium. If they had moved there with the promise of a new stadium while stalling at Sam Boyd Stadium, then they would be a threat to move again.
  25. I thought it was dumb too, but then shamelessly, my team made the playoffs when they shouldn't have. Of course I can understand people's frustration that the Memphis Grizzlies of all teams are the greatest play-in team ever. The Grizzlies have twice as many play-in wins as any other team! Historic levels of dominance!
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