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Tulsa Pink in Athlon?


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I got this year's Athlon College guide, and the picture for Tulsa is of WR Damaris Johnson in a pink uniform. (P. 96 if you have the magazine.) Closer inspection reveals it to be a photo taken in a game against SMU and the blue has been photoshopped pink. Fair enough. (The blue on the SMU helmets is also pinked out.) But the color bordering for Tulsa's entry in the magazine is also pink.

Anyone know what the boys at Athlon are huffing these days? Quality control? Anybody? Is it a breast cancer tribute I'm not aware of?

This is the original picture:


and a poor scan of the Tulsa page.


What's this all about?

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Looks like it was an issue with the blue ink, and not an intentional photoshop.

Indeed. With the CMYK printing process, it looks like either someone at the press forgot about the cyan plate, or they ran out of cyan ink.

I would be inclined to agree-just odd that it got by the editors.

It was probably fine the last time the editors saw it, to be fair. Once they send it to the press, it's totally in their hands. Trust me; I work at a newspaper, and every week, I do what I can and then sweat it out wondering if the press is going to do a good job printing it. And in this case, it would probably cost a boatload of money and time to reprint the whole thing, so they just rolled with it.

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